About Us


From a single copier…

Finding a reliable printing shop with low prices in a small town is no easy feat. Judi Shelton knew that too well when she brought in a copier to her Apple sales store in 1989. Her intention was to print Apple price lists for local schools but it wasn’t long until others became interested in printing their own materials. With a growing demand for printing, The Copy Shoppe was born.

In 1992, Judi passed the shoppe down to her son, Corey Shelton, with the hopes of growing the business to meet the demand for printing. Corey began introducing additional printers and equipment to diversify the variety of jobs The Copy Shoppe would be able to achieve.

After several years and several thousands of dollars, The Copy Shoppe was all but lost in a tragic flood in 2013 that destroyed much of the equipment, furniture, supplies, and property.

With the hard work and dedication of Corey, his family, and those who have managed The Copy Shoppe, the business has made a strong recovery from the setback caused by the flood. today. Today, The Copy Shoppe is a fully equipped printing shop that offers many services from graphic design, large format printing, large quantity printing, and wedding packages.